Saturday, October 25, 2014

"my disappointment in society"

I just had to repost this:

This is going off on a tangent but it is linked to my disappointment in society and how it seems so ignorant to issues that really matter. I love Larry's page as I want to be kept informed and not bury my head in the sand or in The X Factor but at the same time I dread reading some things as it leaves me feeling so sad for my children and wonder what on Earth life is going to be like for them when they are my age. Can I just say that with the return of 'From Recipes To Riches' I shook my head in dismay - do we REALLY need more instant muffin and cake mixes on our shelves? I am all for people with ideas but how about something that this world really needs. NO more singers, NO more dancers, NO more people trying to whip up the fluffiest souffle - who cares!!! When i saw Larry's article the other day of those 3 children (one boy standing, 2 girls sitting on a cardboard box that had been laid out flat in the dirt) - I assumed the 2 girls were sisters and when I saw them huddled together - the older one comforting the younger one as she sat crying into her sisters lap and you could tell by her posture she was a weary heartbroken and frightened little girl - my heart just broke. Muffin mixes aint gonna fix the world and I am so sick of seeing this crap on our screens. Society is being 'dumbed down' at an alarming rate and when I stand still and Iook around me at people rushing around in supermarkets, people rushing around in cars, people rushing everywhere, people wanting more more more with a sense of entitlement, people getting offended over ridiculous things, people throwing the racist/bigot/convict card around as an answer to everything, footballers who make way too much money for kicking a little red ball between four white sticks getting angry because a young girl uttered a word they took offense to in a footy match - I wonder are these people even aware that there are people in this world with nothing, people REALLY suffering, children whose entire future depends on any mercy granted to them at the hands of adult monsters around them who have an agenda that children could not possibly begin to understand. As I sat feeding my newborn son his midnight feed in my lounge on lush clean carpet with the gentle buzz of the fridge I looked out my window which I had left open overnight because it was warm, and I couldn't help but think of women overseas who would give anything to be able to sit with me in my loungeroom in the quiet evening and feed their children formula full of nutrients in safety, on clean carpet. I know there are still good people out there, but with things that I read and hear and see for myself I am really sad for this world and the state it is in. No more muffin mixes please, we have way too much crap on our supermarket shelves as it is.

Well said Nicole.

Sunday, September 21, 2014



Green tinged avatars appeared on Twitter, Face...
Green tinged avatars appeared on Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Twitter, it's a hashtag I created....(2014)

Ah yes...

But it's NOT Prince Xdxm...

Then, how about.... the game?



Use #xdxm whenever you tweet, or Facebook - and lets see how far this goes, yo?

Here are a few random things I picked up, yo?

LOL #xdxm
#xdxm LMFAO (learn this before the one above)

Enough of the show.... funny - I was trying to type sjit.

Still can't type it proper.

Damn!  #xdxm

Now you know what to do.

Open the internet.
Open twitter.
Type some random sjit and  #xdxm.
Click send.

Legend  #xdxm

Way to go bro (now don't be sensitive... my New Zealand bro's have it all over you. #chillthefuckout)


I have no idea what I am saying.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

No One Was Murdered Because Of This Image

Oh this is very non-PC, and snigger, snigger...


BAQUBAH - Following the publication of the image below, in which the most cherished figures from four religious faiths were depicted engaging in a lascivious sex act of considerable depravity, no one was murdered, beaten, or had their lives threatened, sources reported Thursday. The image of the Hebrew prophet Moses high-fiving Jesus Christ as both are having their erect penises vigorously masturbated by Ganesha, all while the Hindu deity anally penetrates Buddha with his fist, reportedly went online at 3:47 p.m. SDT, after which not a single bomb threat was made against the organization responsible, nor did the person who created the cartoon go home fearing for his life in any way. Though some members of the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths were reportedly offended by the image, sources confirmed that upon seeing it, they simply shook their heads, rolled their eyes, and continued on with their day.

Yeah look at that.

Look at it again.


What a tryptych! Oh hang on, that's three.

Er, anyway, love that purple color.

To recap:

"upon seeing it, they simply shook their heads, rolled their eyes, and continued on with their day."

As we all should do - because, well, the biblical "stories" that we learned about as children were written thousands of years ago by men who just wanted to control the people around them (hello Mohammed - or however the fuck you want it spelled... I care not), for their own selfish wants and desires - there's nothing "religious" about any of it.

PS - No saviours were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Watch some people's heads explode though.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mr Dalby. What a technological ASS! But perhaps it is Mr Grubb who needs a rethink?

I just had to make some sort of comment on this ridiculous statement, said today by a person called Mr Dalby... 
( Original article at )

 Scroll down a bit, and read this piece of technological comment brilliance:
"[Law enforcement agencies] only have to type the damn IP address [into a web browser] and they'll get the website [you were looking at and] they'll get all the content on it," Mr Dalby said.

Who is this strange "Mr Dalby" ???

Oh yes.

Steve Dalby, the chief regulatory officer at iiNet. Really, Mr Dalby?

Ok, here's a challenge.

Go to:

Type in, oh, I dunno, something like (who the hell is that anyway?) and click that good old Check button.

WOW! See how many sites are hosted on that single IP address? Now, lets put your money where your mouth is:
"[Law enforcement agencies] only have to type the damn IP address [into a web browser] and they'll get the website [you were looking at and] they'll get all the content on it," Mr Dalby said.

Off you go then.

Follow my instructions.

Visit yougetsignal/tools/web-sites-on-web-server, type in a domain name, see the IP address that serves those hundreds of domains, copy and paste that IP address into your web browser, Mr Dalby (we wouldn't want you to make a mistake typing in a maximum of 16 digits would we?) and then press Enter.

What do *you* see?

When I follow these instructions, all I get is a web page that says:



"and I got all the content of that website that I was looking at!"

How cool is that?


But, perhaps my apologies to Mr Dalby after all.

After all, if you work for a technology company like iiNet, you probably do actually know what you're talking about. Perhaps the venom should be attributed to the writer of the article I linked to.

Ben Grubb
Deputy technology editor

So Ben.

Not quite the "Technology Editor" then? Just the deputy, eh?

I suggest you go learn some more about how the Internet works, before you put your name to articles that contain such errors.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Getting funding for new products shouldn't be like this:

I really enjoyed this - laughed my head off.

I've actually been to a pitch like this (for investor money) and I'm glad I wasn't asked these questions!

"Not Safe For Work, But Bleeped, So Maybe. YMMV."

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

pppfffttttt !!!! 

ice-cube trays? 


couldn't he have gotten them from a local visit to Walmart or somewhere?

I live in Australia.
I used to deliver parcels for Australia Post. 

Crap job btw - why can't people just go to their local supermarket etc and buy that stuff?

Why buy online for that stuff? Ok, if you work 18 hours a day, maybe, and you'll get it delivered. 

But seriously? Ice-cube trays? Are they that important that you can't physically visit a store and buy them personally?

No wonder people are losing their jobs - because everyone is buying online "crap". 

How many people does a store need face-to-face? A lot less now than when people actually visited a store in the flesh.

Its no wonder things are turning to utter ice-cube trays. 

Get a life, and support your local supermarket in the flesh - then you wouldn't have to deal with burglars stealing your crap. 


The loss of Ice-cube trays?

Says it all about what people hold dear these days.

(I hope this entire video was a comedic skit for some up-and-coming comedian or otherwise sarcastic) - otherwise, the world is turning to crap. 


And the people in it - shallow to the n'th degree.

I really hope that video was tongue-in-cheek or sarcastic, because I cannot believe that someone would care *that* much about ice-cube trays. 


Just visit the damn store and buy them personally.

No theft - problem solved.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Kevin E. Neuman

A bit of fun over at Andrew Bolt's blog

maddave of s.a. said:

Having impersonated (badly) Norman Gunston,will Rudd’s next photo shoot be an ALFRED E.NEWMAN ("wot me worry?") gig on the cover of MAD magazine ?
maddave of s.a. (Reply)
Fri 12 Jul 13 (11:13am)

"The greatest moral responsibility of our time"

I did a mock up!